We British are very good at 'making do'. It seems that, anything above 'total and utter catastrophe' is generally considered to be a pretty good outcome. And when asked how things are going, the answer is always going to be 'yeah, good thanks' regardless of what is actually happening.

A recent study published by The Consulting Arm Ltd has suggested that the average small business owner runs at a contentment level of just 53% but, in casual conversation, pretends to be at least 20 points higher. Whilst part of this deception is deliberate in order to project a positive, yet false, image to others, there is also a large proportion of self deception going on. Social conditioning has led people to believe that struggle and mediocrity are the norm and, in some cases, actually a good thing.

I believe that, if you run your own business, you should enjoy what you do. And I mean really enjoy it, not just make do with "above average".

I have founded a community of people who are fed up of making do and want to rediscover enjoyment in their successes, not just money and profits.  We meet on a regular basis to share challenges, uncover new ways of thinking and pursue a path of both success and enjoyment.

Come along, meet other business owners and learn something. The worst thing that can happen is that you might enjoy yourself.

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