Andrew Miller - what a jolly bloke

Andrew Miller - what a jolly bloke

There are a number of ways in which you can get started on
your business enjoyment journey

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One to one coaching

I don’t like being too prescriptive with my one to one coaching programmes, as everyone is at a different place with different requirements. The intention is that any long term one to one support is there to go deeper and further than anything that can be done in the group coaching sessions outlined below.

We may be making use of some of the life changing therapies that I’ve been trained in to make massive shifts in your beliefs systems and behaviour patterns.

We will probably be exploring what your real purpose is in life, connecting your business to an incredible mission that is so important to you, it truly gets your bits tingling.

It certainly has to be something that you are fully committed to with a desire to make real change and progress.

To give you some sense of what we can do, here are examples of some packages that could be created. However, the truth of the matter is that I would like to sit down with you first and see if we would be a good fit and what would serve you best, so book an introductory call via the link at the top of the page and let’s talk further.

Meetings can be in person or online, depending on geography.

Intensive package 12 month programme £30,000
For those who really want to make massive change quickly. Weekly calls and meetings, full business analysis, complete understanding of your own psychological make up as well as access to all of the group programmes and Breathing Spaces.

Standard package 12 month programme £5,000
Monthly meetings focussing on the things that really matter. May be business, may be personal, may be both. In addition, interim calls can be booked as and when, along with feedback and reviews on any projects that you’re undertaking.

“As and When” 12 month programme £2,000
Meet once a quarter to take stock of the situation and allow the potential for deeper change work. Plus unlimited 15 minute coaching sessions, restricted only by availability.

“Fast and Furious” 12 month programme £750
Unlimited coaching calls of 15 minutes each, booked by you when you want, restricted only by availability. You get access to my calendar and, when you need a call, just book one in. It’s amazing how much you can cover in a 15 minute call and, in reality, one single insight can change your whole life.

group coaching

I have a couple of group coaching programmes that run throughout the year. In both cases the power comes from the group collaboration, underpinned by a private Facebook group providing support and accountability for the tasks, challenges and breakthroughs that will take place. In addition, you get unlimited access to me throughout the programme for one to one calls for anything that requires extra support.

Contact me to find out when the next programme is due to start

The Comfort Zone 6 month programme £900
For those who have got the basic financials sorted out but want to get more satisfaction out of what they do, this six month programme covers all the stages of the Business Enjoyment model, one month per stage. We go into things in a lot more detail than we can in the Breathing Spaces and the intention is to build a business that provides security, satisfaction and fulfilment.

The Safety Zone 6 month programme £300
For those who want to get to the point where they feel safe in their business and know that the bills are going to be paid. This deals with the first stage of the Business Enjoyment model picking up basic marketing and sales techniques as well as thinking about how to get a consistent and reliable business. This is great for startup businesses or for those who just need to get a bit more out of what they’re currently doing.

breathing spaces

Physical and Online Monthly £0 - £40
Low cost, high value discussion groups that have been dubbed “The Grand Unified Theorem of Business and Personal Development”.

Go to the Breathing Space page for more information

podcast - the tingle zone

Subscribe to my monthly podcast - The Tingle Zone - and listen to interviews with fascinating individuals in business, all of whom have lessons to impart and insights to share.

No one person has all the answers, but as you listen to what these people have done or where they are going, reflect on your own situation. You don’t have to do the same. You don’t have to agree with what they’re doing. But use the opportunity to get the brain cells buzzing because it’s only by applying deep introspection that we can understand ourselves and move forwards.

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