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MLM Revisited:
Fall Back In Love With Your Network Marketing Business

If you got involved with an MLM business, there are probably a number of reasons as to why - and many of them were about more than just the money.

The problem with a standard systemised process to follow is that it doesn’t take into account where you are personally and it can very easily become hard work. Meanwhile the promotion machine continues to rumble on, building stress and pressure on you to perform and, before you know it, you realise that you can’t cope with running the business you love.

This book contains 28 things that can be done to improve you relationship with your business.

Comments about MLM Revisited:

“It’s the only book that I’ve ever read about MLM where I’ve identified so much with such a great proportion of it.”

“If you’ve got an issue, then there’s a paragraph or a small chapter about that particular subject in there”

“I loved it and I would recommend it to everybody”

Multiply Your Success:
The Business Owner's Workbook for Wealth and Opportunity.

Being in business is hard work and can feel like a very lonely place. Finding the right help can be hard.

Multiply Your Success gives you all this, fast:

5 key strategy areas
7 common challenge
7 practical action points for each one
245 proven ways to take you to the next level

Everything in this book has been road-tested and proven to work. It’s a workbook to help you to analyse and fix the issues you’re facing right now, complete with handy checklists to monitor your progress.

The Successful Business Owner’s Guide to Reducing Stress:
How to Avoid these 13 Common Pitfalls.

Audio version is available here

Video version is available here

This book is for sole business owners who feel all the pressure of the business on them. You have to make all the decisions, deal with the fall out, and you don't really have anyone around to challenge or support you.

You have too much work and not enough time. You are constantly battling the demands of employees, customers and suppliers. Work is impacting on personal relationships and there is this constant, nagging feeling that something just ’isn't right’.

Learn how to make simple changes in your daily routine and feel the benefits straight away.

Successful Start-ups:
Get Going. Stay Going.

More and more people are starting their own business. Yet every year, we are given statistics that make gloomy reading about the failure rate of new ventures.

Are we nurturing an army of entrepreneurs - or a generation of failures?

Whether your business venture is just a high-level concept or you’ve been up and running for a couple of years, this is the book that every business owner should read so your business doesn’t become another statistic.

Hope Won't Pay the Wages:
How to Deal with the Personal Impact of a Struggling Business.

When a business gets into difficulty there are countless professional firms ready and willing to deal with the business itself – but what about you, the business owner?

This is the first book written purely to help you deal with the personal impact of a failing business.

If you don't know which way to turn and believe that you are out of options, this book will help you to find your way.

Free Downloads related to Hope Won't Pay the Wages

Within the book, I make reference to some additional resources which can be downloaded for free right here.

The purpose of the book is to manage the emotional challenges that a director will face when things don't go well, rather than practical business tips.  However, some of those interviewed did come up with practical points and I've included them here for those interested.

PDF - Twelve Top Business Tips

In addition, for those unfamiliar with insolvency, it can be a bewildering and seemingly illogical process at times.  For example, how can it be legal for a company to go bust and be up and running the very next day with the same directors and staff, but the creditors don't get anything.  This document explains how this can arise, starting with the fundamentals of corporate structure and the need for a formal insolvency system in society.

PDF - What Happens in an Insolvency?