Here are a few things that people have said about working with me:

“Within a stage of 6 months, everything that I thought I wanted to achieve for the next 5 years has already happened. It's ridiculous!”

“You’ve really helped me identify what my mission is in life and what I really want to get out of being on this planet. It’s been a life transforming exercise.”

Claire Weingaertner - Focus accounting

I cannot thank Andrew Miller enough for what he has done for me.

When we first met, whilst I had a very successful and well thought of business, behind the scenes I was running around like a headless chicken and getting stressed with many things, both at work and at home.

Andrew's input was actually quite subtle , but extremely powerful. He opened up my mind to a completely new way of approaching things and enabled me to follow a direction that I'd never dared to consider seriously before.

Now, five months later, I'm only working 4 half days a week, I get to spend quality time with my one year old son at the most crucial stage of his development, yet my business is booming to the extent that I have now quadrupled my personal income.

Going forwards, I am currently working on my first business book and have a clear vision as to where I'm heading, without feeling constrained by any 'have to's and 'must do's.

I seriously suggest that anyone who want's to get more out of their business and their lifestyle, give Andrew a call. You truly can take control of your future.

Elena Delaney of Delaney Properties

I met Andrew Miller at networking and immediately liked him, but I wasn’t necessarily looking for coaching at that time.  As I got to know Andrew more, I had a feeling he’d be able to help me. To be honest I didn’t quite know what to expect, and wasn’t sure if it was a good investment financially, but I trusted him so I went ahead. 

The first few sessions were very emotional. In a caring, kind and incredibly skilful way, Andrew was able to draw out from me a lot of the ‘stuff/baggage’ that had been holding me back. I have to admit, I had a bit more stirring me up inside than I’d fully realised.

Andrew is calm, considerate and patient. He just had a knack of knowing the right words to open the floodgates which allowed me to understand better some of the deeper drivers that were affecting my behaviour and ultimately my progress.

Essentially, I found he was acutely aware when it was time to challenge me and when it was time to back off! Going through this process with Andrew over a number of months has had a huge impact on me personally. I feel like I’m no longer blindly bashing my head against a wall, wondering why I’m stuck and not understanding why I can’t move to the next level. There’s a clear way forward and I’ve been able to start enjoying balance and fun in my life again and as a result of course my business is picking up too. 

Now I’ve addressed some of the emotional and personal issues, Andrew’s guiding me with more practical, strategic business experience and knowledge. This is proving invaluable. 
I’d highly recommend speaking to Andrew. You can rely on total confidentiality, a wise and friendly ear, but the right level of challenge to help you move forward in the best way for you. 

Matt Riley of Fusion Design

When I was first introduced to Andrew Miller, my main obstacle to getting started was not realising the full scope of what he offers and the range of different obstacles he could help me address.

I suppose I thought business advice was just about a bit of business planning and help with my cashflow and the standard basics. But Andrew opened it up and come at it from a personal perspective as well, which has been like gold dust.

As a result of us working together, I've been able to look at my situation in a different light, looking in on the business from a higher perspective. I've been able to develop lots of new things and put them in place, around areas that I'd not even considered before.

I've really enjoyed being being more open and thinking outside the box a bit more about the business. It's really only my wife I'll talk to openly about the business and there are some areas that she's naturally not engaged with or interested in. So it's been great to be able to talk to someone else about the ins and outs of the business and just be able to offload any thoughts. Not so much worries or concerns, because I don't really have those as such, but the things that are just bubbling away that I might want to talk to someone else about. Kind of a sounding board, I guess

The biggest benefit in working with Andrew is the fact that my positivity has massively taken a shift from where I was back in November, December time when I first emailed him. That's the big one.

I would also say that looking at my monthly finances and doing a bit of financial planning has also really helped. I now put some stuff to the side which has come from thinking about longer term financial goals. That's been great.

And when I get my website finalised, that will be a great step forwards. Just to get to the point where I have a new website is a big deal for me. So even though it's on a different scale to the other two, it's kind of a turn key element to moving on with the business.

I would absolutely recommend Andrew to others and have already done so.

The perspective he brings is very bespoke. He seemed to take a very individual view of me and my business and I presume from what we've done that he looks at every business from a completely clean slate, tailoring what he does very differently to who he's talking to and what their business is. 

Taking this bespoke view is a huge positive. I think he could probably fit around any business. Each one is so individual, but he can mould himself to them, rather than take the one size fits all approach that I imagine a lot of business advisors take.

And of course the personal element is a massive thing for me. Not being too businessy and just being someone I can just chat to and feel comfortable with and not feel like I'm being judged.

I think he could probably help anyone, with a variety of things. 

The only thing that might stop them is, are they ready to engage?

Chris Newman of Solutions Accountancy

I am writing to thank you for all the help and guidance you provided in our coaching sessions. 

As you would expect from an accountant, I was good at crunching numbers but there was a lot of room to improve on other aspects of the job such as networking, communication, assertiveness and time management. 

You took the time to really understand my areas of weakness, and by identifying the root causes of the issues, you provided me with practical techniques to overcome them.

I saw massive improvements by implementing the techniques, and I am still using them now every day. This has increased my enjoyment at work substantially. Ultimately, the coaching gave me the confidence and skills necessary to open our new branch of the business in the North East.

I will absolutely be recommending you to clients, family and friends.