My name is Andrew Miller and I spent over 16 years being involved in the running of all sorts of businesses. From bingo halls to shopping centres, cylinder manufacturing and pet food. During that time, it became clear that, actually, business is simple. Not necessarily, easy, but simple.

In fact, I've pulled together a "Business is Simple" cheat sheet for you that covers everything you need to know about business – in just a single page of A4. Click below to download a copy – and no, I don't need your email address or anything like that. Just click and take.

If you want to take it a step further and learn how to go about developing some strategies and action points, then read ’Multiply Your Success’, which goes into more detail on what to do in all areas of your business. You’ll find it on Amazon and there's a link on my publications page.

If business is so simple, why is it so hard?

Well, it’s because all businesses rely on people. And people ARE complicated.

This includes you, by the way. And me. We're all people. We all have our blocks and our barriers, some of which we're aware of. Some of which we're not.

That's why I use enjoyment as a barometer. If I'm not enjoying what I do, I know something's wrong and I need to change. 

Note the specific wording at the end of that sentence. The focus is on me, not my surroundings. I create my situations, so before I can change my environment, I must change myself first. Once I've done that, then I can explore new things.

And that's what I do for others. Help them to change, so they can change what goes on around them, moving them towards a more purposeful, exciting, fulfilling and overall enjoyable new life.

So if you've tried out all of the business techniques, got everything working for you as best you can – and it's still not working for you:

1. You have no sense of satisfaction

2. You continually worry

3. You don't know where you're going

4. You’re not happy with where you are

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Together we can find out what's missing, develop a strategy to get it and then craft the future you've always wanted.