Privacy Policy

Your average privacy notice is generally a load of legal bollocks that no-one really reads or understands. I'm more interested in clarity. The main purpose of the regulations in "The Act Formally Known As GDPR" are to ensure that there is trust between the person holding the information and the person that the information belongs to. Quite frankly, my entire business is based on the concept of trust and confidentiality. Without those two key elements flowing through everything that I do, then I'm not doing my job – and that extends to any contact details or personal information that you may give me, regardless of the means by which I receive it.

Sure, I may be in touch with you from time to time. A few emails here or there – maybe even a phone call if you've given me your number. But I don't bombard people with information or sales messages. And I certainly don't pass any details or information on to other people. That would breach everything I stand for.

The only other people who could possibly access the information I hold, both electronically and physically, are:

- my wife, though not sure why she'd want to. Nevertheless, she, like me has spent decades working in a confidentiality paranoic financial institution and is fully aware of what needs to stay private; and

- at some point, I may recruit someone to reach out to people and save me some time. However, all the principles that I hold will be an essential part of any recruitment process that I run.

The bottom line is that I'm only interested in connecting with people that want to connect with me, that I can build a relationship with so, if you're not interested in the concepts held by Business Enjoyment then that's no problem. Either don't give me your information in the first place (why would you?) or just ask me to remove it.

Otherwise, come on board and let's get to know each other.