The Breathing Spaces are inclusive groups where we take time out from our busy schedules once a month to explore how to combine happiness, purpose and enjoyment into our work and personal lives. Each month we focus on one of these themes:

- Finding Your Purpose
- Finding Your Tribe
- Feeling Safe

- Inner Confidence
- Money Hangups
- Enjoying Business

Discussions and learnings are wide and varied: from becoming comfortable with imperfection; via how to charge for your services without feeling uncomfortable; to using social media in a more authentic and enjoyable way.

If you want to know what really makes you happy; if you want things in your life to change; join us by finding the event most convenient to you from the list below.

Or, for a list of all upcoming events, click here.

Prices don't include booking fees.  After you attend one meeting, you will be able to access discounts and offers for future meetings, including becoming a member.

There is no membership fee, merely set up a regular payment, get automatically booked on and be able to access all other meetings at the member rate.

If you would like to benefit from the discounted rate straight away, just email me on
saying which meeting you want to attend and I will send you the relevant link.

As a reminder as to why I’m running these meetings, watch this 15 minute video

The Secret of Business Enjoyment

Valuable time to take a step back and reflect on lots of things with an excellent group, giving an opportunity to learn from other people’s experiences (and help if we can).”

“I missed two Breathing Spaces and actually could feel the impact on missing them. Now I've prioritised them over any customer meetings.”

Utterly fabulous!”

Deep. Very reflective. Thought provoking.”

A useful timeout to reflect and notice how I’m feeling, about and within myself. And space to decide what I want to change or do more of.”

A breath of fresh air during a busy work and home life. They make one stop and think differently about my direction and happiness.”

“Phenomenal. Utterly love it.”

Definitely life changing.”

Give a Breathing Space a go for yourself and enjoy the added value that it brings to your week, your month, and your future as a business owner.

I would only recommend it to people if they wanted to live a happier more positive life and be surrounded by positive people.

If you want to be miserable, don't come. It's not for you.

I feel inspired

I missed two Breathing Spaces and actually could feel the impact on missing them. Now I've prioritised them over any customer meetings.

Just come along and try one. It's a very, very easy decision and there's no pressure.

You need to go to a Breathing Space

It is fantastic. I would not be without it