Let me describe a certain type of person to you.

As I describe them, think about the people you know and see if any of them fits the description.

This person is:

Reflective; and
Business savvy

They can be commanding when they need to be but, in the main, they hold back and keep out of the way.

They'll be in various positions of support or responsibility – probably thrust upon them rather than sought out – such as a member of a committee or a board.

They will be resilient. You may well find that people have told them that they have done their best work at a point when they were having some sort of crisis in their personal life and they have no idea how they did it.

The key thing about them though, is this.

This is the person that everybody else goes to when they have a problem.

This is the person that appears to be in control, always has an answer and is always helping others.

But at no point, will you see anyone helping them.

Where they are now is that there has recently been a big change in their life – either personally or professionally - and they realise that before now they were just playing. Now they want to do things properly and want to really make a difference in the world, but they’re not really sure what that looks like.

Do you know anyone like that? 

If so, please introduce them to me as I may be able to help them.