Does Your Network Marketing Business FRUSTRATE you?

Improve your relationship with your network marketing business

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“No-one is INterested in what you’re offering”

“There is too much pressure on you to get results”

“your team just aren’t doing anything”

Any of this sound familiar?

The problem with a standard systemised process to follow is that it doesn't take ‘you’ into account and it can very easily become hard work. Meanwhile, the promotion machine continues to rumble on:

“Go to the next conference.”

“Qualify for the cruise.”

“Benefit from the ‘top performer share giveaway’.”

Although these things are intended to motivate everyone into working harder and doing better, for many people the result is the exact opposite. The motivation creates pressure and the pressure creates stress. That stress then builds and builds until, suddenly:

you realise you can't cope with running the business you love

From my own experiences, through conversations with others and in directly helping others get out of this emotional trap, I've realised that the only way to be happy in a network marketing business is to find YOUR WAY of doing it.

I've discovered 28 things that can be done to improve your relationship with your business and I know they work because I've helped others to implement them successfully into their own business.

As a result, they now have the life that they truly want. Happy, relaxed and rewarding.

MLM Revisited
Fall Back In Love With Your Network Marketing Business

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My name is Andrew Miller and I am the Founder of Business Enjoyment.

My purpose is to bring joy back into business and create a movement where everyone is talking about enjoyment as the key measure of success rather than just sales and profits.

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Back in 2015, I was on a flight heading to Los Angeles for an international Coaching Intensive. It’s always important to work on your self-development no matter who you are.

As is often the way when I’m starting to relax on a long journey, my mind suddenly kicked in with a load of thoughts.

I had been working with a number of network marketers, helping them get more satisfaction out of their business. From nowhere, I started spotting all the common issues that my clients had been facing - along with the solutions, of course.

I can still show you the original list on my phone where I furiously typed out the things that my brain was throwing out, although it doesn't look much different to the final contents page of this book.

Over the next few years I honed the structure and the content, liaised with other network marketers to ensure that these things worked and, before finally publishing, got some people to review the book. Here’s some of the things that they said.

testimonials for MLM revisited

“Overwhelmingly, I identified with every single part of it in some way shape or form. It’s the only book that I’ve ever read about MLM where I’ve identified so much, with such a great proportion of it.”

“It's one of a kind in that it doesn't address the normal “How You Can Be Successful.” Instead, it addresses the underlying issues and what everybody feels about it.”

“Prior to this book, there hasn't been anything that has addressed those issues. That's what I loved about it.”

‘It's about time somebody gave people permission to not be sucked along with this system that isn't suitable for everybody.”

“I loved it and I would recommend it to everybody.”

“It went to the point straight away, without all the fluff around it.”

“I just found it so easy to read.”

“I was really pleasantly surprised about how conversational it was. It was like listening to a person who's just sat talking to me.”

“It resonated with everything that I'd experienced in MLM”

“It helped me refocus on my faith in the company”

“I would definitely recommend it to anybody that's involved in MLM because I think it's got a really good analytical, but easy to understand, style and it's not patronising. It's not telling you about how marvellous everybody else is and therefore you should follow in their footsteps.”

“I felt it was much more of a personal thing and each person will take something away from it that relates to their particular story or situation.”

“The chapters are all quite short but, there are so many chapters that cover so many different areas, it gives that breadth of coverage. That's what I really like about it.”

“"If you've got an issue, then there's a paragraph or a small chapter about that particular subject in there. It'll act as a great reference guide”

“It would be really helpful for a relative novice; for somebody that's going through some difficulties with their other half; and I've even learned some bits from it and I've been involved in network marketing since the mid-1990s across different companies.”

If your MLM business isn’t giving you the satisfaction that you hoped to achieve, then you have to buy this book. It’s the only way that you will escape the trap.