This is one of a series of brief posts to get you thinking about enjoying business more. Feel free to comment.

For the majority of my clients, there is usually one of three main reasons why they aren't enjoying their business as much as they should. I'm assuming here that they have a business, of course. When there isn't enough money coming in to cover the bills then we have to take a slightly different approach but, given that proviso, then the first of these key issues is:

You know you do good work, but it isn't fully appreciated by others

No matter how hard you work, you have clients who are never satisfied; employees who don't put the extra work in; and suppliers who never demonstrate the same ethos of quality of service that you expect.

There is nothing worse than knowing that you could be doing the things that you really enjoy and are good at, but you have to spend time managing 'children'. Ironically, it's the clients and employees that you give most to, that complain the most.

The consequences of this can include lack of time for yourself, costing you more than it should to produce what you do and, of course, high levels of stress and frustrations.

I'd be interested to know how many of you recognise this, in others if not in yourself?

Coming soon – Key Barrier Number Two.