This is one of a series of brief posts to get you thinking about enjoying business more. Feel free to comment.

For the majority of my clients, there is usually one of three main reasons why they aren't enjoying their business as much as they should, assuming that they have a business, of course. When there isn't enough money coming in to cover the bills then other steps are needed. Otherwise, here is the second of the key issues:

Nothing is ever good enough

You have raving clients but you know it could all be so much better. As a consequence, you run around like a headless chicken, constantly trying to find ways to improve your client experience but it's never quite good enough. You look for support and help from others to give you some extra time to work on the quality, but they just don't do it as well as you do, so everything ends up taking even longer. You'd have been better off doing it yourself.

Even when you get an incredible piece of feedback and a testimonial from a client saying how amazing the work that you did was, you know deep down that it wasn't the best that you could have done and that they're probably saying it just to be nice.

The consequences of this can lead to not having enough time to do what you should be doing, failing to charge enough for the work you do and a deep underlying sense of dissatisfaction with your business and yourself.

I'd be interested to know how many of you recognise this, in others if not in yourself.

Coming soon – Key Barrier Number Three.